Big-Land Excavation

FAQ For Demolition, Earthworks & Tree Services Within Central Victoria

Below are answers to common questions we get when providing excavation, earthworks, demolition & trees services within the Macedon Ranges and Central Victoria.

I require a sloped driveway design. Can you help with that?

We can design and build a driveway in any situation or location.

What is the cost to build a rural driveway?

Every driveway location needs to be evaluated and quoted separately, based on location, soil type and the length and width of the proposed driveway.

Do you provide driveway expansion services?

Yes I do. Please contact me to arrange a free consultation and quote.

Do you carry out house demolition?

Yes I do.

What is the average cost to demolish a house?

There is no average demolition cost, every house/building needs to be evaluated on its individual requirements.

Do you provide pool demolition services and is your equipment small enough to get in my backyard?

We do provide pool demolition services on most home sites. When contacting me please provide details of the available access.

What land clearing services do you provide?

We provide noxious weed mulching, pine plantation removal, stump removal and authorised tree removal for house sites, driveways and sheds.

Do you provide fallen tree removal services?

Yes we do.

Do you carry out emergency tree removal?

Yes I do. Please contact me to see if I am available to assist you.

Do you provide stump grinding service?

I don’t provide a stump grinding service, but I do excavate & remove stumps.

Why is tree removal so expensive?

Removing trees requires a great deal of skill & knowledge. Safety is always the first priority. As these services do involve some level of risk, they must be carried out by an insured professional. The required equipment and the insurance cost increase the price of this service. 

How do I know when a tree should be removed?

You will need to contact an arborist for an evaluation of the tree. The arborist will advise you on the condition of the tree and whether it will pose a risk to safety.

Whose responsibility is it to remove a fallen tree?

If the tree is on private property, it is the property owners responsibility but if the tree is on crown land then it will be the council’s responsibility.